Just click on the image below.
It's paused in the beginning of the animated Gif.

No parameters
<img data-gifffer="image.gif" />

With Alt Text (for screen readers)
<img data-gifffer="image.gif"
data-gifffer-alt="some alt description of gif" />

Setting string size in pixels
<img data-gifffer="image-big.gif"
data-gifffer-width="250" data-gifffer-height="100" />

Using percents
<img data-gifffer="image-big.gif" data-gifffer-width="33%" />

Filling up the whole space
<img data-gifffer="image-big.gif" data-gifffer-width="100%" />

Reset after 4000ms
<img data-gifffer="image-big.gif" data-gifffer-duration="4000" />

article: Stop autoplaying your Gifs